Boring People & Pulling In The Goose

The people I work with are riveting people, they really are. If they are not talking about various medical problems they are suffering from (and going into way too much detail) they are talking about things like how many spoons they have at home and even the rising price of rv finance in African countries where they come from.

Is it any wonder that I can’t wait for Friday evening to roll around? They are lovely people but Christ they talk about dull things a lot of the time!

Last night I went to The Goose. This is fast becoming a regular haunt for me on a Friday evening after work. £1.90 for a decent pint of London Pride or Bombardier is not to be sniffed at. Although for some reason the London Pride is warm these days.

It was nice sitting on my own and just watching the people rush by outside. That was until a group of people surrounded me as I was sitting at some tables on my own. It was OK though, we had a laugh and I even pulled one of the women in the group after they all found out I was single and started egging her on to sit next to me.

Yes, you don’t have to act so surprised, it does happen every once in a while! I’m putting it down to the earring with its sparkling power and the fact it’s in the ‘wrong’ ear. :D

On the way home my head was full of thoughts solely about playing for Bethnal Green Celtic the next day. I’m really up for it after the great 0-0 draw we got last week against RYPSA. I think we are moving in the right direction now.

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