Bored Paper Clip Bracelet

Football was heaps of fun on Sunday. About 22 of us turned up so we were able to have a proper 11-a-side game. I played in a 2-man defence for some reason, I pushed up often but the service was not there and hence I had a rather quiet game in front of goal.

I got really bored this evening and started playing around with a box of paper clips, I started stringing them together and I ended up making myself a paper clip bracelet which I then put onto my arm.

It was not until evening the next day that I realised I was still wearing the damn thing. I had showered several times and gone about my business with a paper clip bracelet on my arm like a 6 year old retarded child would!

What was even more weird was that even when I noticed I was still wearing it I left it on for another couple of hours before removing it. Maybe that is my brain trying to tell me that I should start wearing jewellery.

I’ve never really had jewellery before. I mean I’ve had the odd gold ring here and there but I’ve normally become bored of them and they end up lying on a shelf in my room until they go walkies. That was when I was much younger, maybe the older me would appreciate some ‘bling’?

All week I thought about whether to go to Alfie’s wedding or not, I ended up deciding not to go as I did not own a suit, I look an absolute twat in a suit and I would have felt very awkward wearing a suit on a hot day in front of hundreds of people I did not know.

On the bus home from the stag night Reiss, whether he knew it or not, talked me out of wearing the clip-on tie with a t-shirt and told me I needed to go in a suit. I thought I might be able to wear something a little less formal like trousers, a shirt and a loosely worn tie but apparently that as a no-no.

On Thursday I had made up my mind not to go and I wrote a text to Reiss asking him if he would tell Alfie as I don’t have his contact details. As I sent the text I realised that I had not sent it to Reiss but to Thes by mistake. Her name is just under Reiss in my address book and I did not have my glasses on.

I was unsure of what to do and even more unsure when I got a reply with the words “Who is this?”. I sent the text again and this time I made sure I sent it to Reiss. I then sent Thes a text apologising for bothering her and explaining it was meant for Reiss.

The good news is that her second reply to me (when she found out it was me) was not full of swear words and curses against me.


Image by Alexander Stein from Pixabay

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