Boosting My Ego

Is there anything better in life than finding out that somebody finds you attractive when you are feeling incredibly low? It doesn’t matter (or at least it shouldn’t) if the person attracted to you resembles a baboons arse that has been shredded with a razor, it is still a huge gigantic boost to your ego and self esteem.

Yesterday I went with my sister to pick up my niece and two nephews from school (I have another niece who is too young to go to this school yet). As my sister chatted with the other mums I was mucking about with my niece, giving her cola and making her hyper.

I noticed one woman looking at me as she spoke to my sister but thought nothing of it until she went to get her kids and my sister slid up next to me and whispered in my ear in a teasing way “someone likes you”.

I don’t get many women paying attention to me so I told her to behave. She said “I’m not joking, she just said you was a bit of alright and wanted to know if you was single”. Obviously I am still very much in love with ‘someone’ so won’t be acting on anything, but it was still nice. :)

I didn’t go back to the flat today, I didn’t wake up until about midday and I have to be back in time for the Millwall play-off game tonight and by the time you take out the travelling I’d have about an hour to do more cleaning.

So I’ll go down there early tomorrow and again spend the entire day there. Who knows what I will find this time, maybe expired California car insurance papers form the 1940s.

Should get more done. My mum is giving me a small freezer as a moving in present. Or in other words “I want to get rid of this small freezer but can’t be arsed to do it myself so I’ll give it to Dean”.

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