Booking A Holiday To Brazil Is A Breeze

A friend of mine will soon be taking his great big smug face and will be flying off to Sweden for a week or so, probably to look at the lovely scenery and to stock up on all that lovely snus that he loves so much.

While he is freezing himself silly in the land that I consider king of Scandinavian metal, I shall be staying in England and wishing I was somewhere warmer. I will be going to Birmingham to watch a mate fight in a competition but that is hardly the same and jetting off to an all inclusive vacation package.

I do keep saying that I will finally sort out a new passport and start going abroad, as there are plenty of countries I’d love to visit, but saying I’ll do it and actually getting of my butt and doing it are clearly two very different things.

There are many places I’d like to visit. Malta, Central Europe, Sweden, Asia, but one place I’d really like to visit would be Brazil. When people mention countries they would like to visit they very rarely mention Brazil vacations.

I’m not quite sure why people shy away from that particular country, the countries around it seem to have no problem attracting holidaymakers. Maybe I just don’t know enough people who holiday abroad to know anyone who has been there.

It certainly can not be because of the price, quick searches on web sites like reveal that an all inclusive Brazil holiday is actually cheaper than vacationing in America. And they have the famous Brazilian Rain Forest. Maybe they have huge poisonous monkeys or man-eating snails or something else frightening that I have not heard about?

I’m sure my friend Reiss will see this and happily give me a lecture on why people don’t mention wanting to go here as much as other countries.

Photo by Ivana De Battisti from FreeImages

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