Bloody Idiots Everywhere I Go!

I did the weekly shopping today and as I was walking down Old Bethnal Green Road I spotted a man trying to cross the road about 20 yards away from a zebra crossing. As he got half way across he was almost mown down by a car and had to actually jump as he run in order to avoid the vehicle.

I should have been worried for him (as he certainly wasn’t as he was putting his life on the line) but the only thing going through my mind as “I hope you get run over you stupid bloody cunt!”

That might sound heartless but if you are stupid enough to try and get across a busy road instead of using a zebra crossing 20 yards away then you deserves to be run over by as many cars in a row as possible.

I felt like shouting out to him to not be so bloody stupid but I decided that a confrontation was best avoided and I carried on my way. In the supermarket I felt like causing a confrontation, every aisle I went down there were dozens of Asian women standing in the middle of the aisles talking to each other.


Image by Christoph from Pixabay

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