The best way to help create an online buzz about your company/product/site is to advertise on other sites, but this can become very expensive, and there is no guarantee that people will visit your site, or even click on the advert.

There is a cheaper option, an option that will not bankrupt you and WILL be seen by potential customers. I am talking about a sponsored blog post.

Sponsored blog posts are actually becoming an incredibly popular advertising alternative. Every day more and more companies are joining the search to find bloggers willing to help promote their product/service. Some even force the blogger to promise not to make it known on their blogs that these are sponsored posts in a bid to stop their rivals from finding out this little gem of an advertising option.

For a bargain price of only $25.00/$50.00 I will publish a sponsored blog post for you which will include the following:

– At least 500 words.
– Contain up to three links of your choice.
– Contain at least one image of your choice.

Please give me five working days to write the post.

Your post will not only be kept on this blog permanently, but will also be sent out to my RSS subscriber list and will be shared on all of my social media platforms.

Option 1 – I’ll Write It For You

Cost: $50.00
What You Get: 1 sponsored post of at least 500 words, up to 3 links & at least 1 image.
Availability: Unlimited

You can take the stress out of writing the post and let me do it for you. Just check out the testimonials at the bottom of this page.

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Option 2 – Write The Post Yourself

Cost: $25.00
What You Get: 1 sponsored post of at least 500 words, up to 3 links & at least 1 image.
Availability: Unlimited

If time is of the essence, or you just flat out dislike my writing style, then there is the new option of you writing the post yourself and sending it to me for publication. You will still get the same treatment as any sponsored post written by me. This option is also cheaper!

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Testimonials From Past Clients

Post was written and published within hours of requesting it. Very fast turnaround.

Great posts, met all my requirements.

Very good post and rather quirky, will be working with you again.

Great post, we have received a ton of traffic thanks to this post.

Wish we had used you sooner! We are still getting customers who found us thanks to your post several years later.