Big Changes At Acton Town

The committee of Acton Town FC have decided that the club will undergo a number of major and minor changes in time for the new season in September. I am actually on the committee but sadly I was out-numbered on a lot of the issues which I feel will hurt us more than help us as a club.

It as agreed to change the name of the club from Acton Town to AFC Ealing. This was decided upon to move away from the name as nobody lived in Acton. The name Acton Town as a football club dates back to the 1860s and has graced the FA Cup on numerous occasions. I believe the name was changed to move away from the humiliating defeats we have suffered in the past.

Another big decision was to move the club out of the Middlesex County League and into a lower and weaker league. This was decided upon so that we could actually win some games and silverware, the plan will be to then step back into the league in a couple of seasons.

I was dead against this. The Middlesex County League was on the football league ladder now we are playing in a glorified Sunday league pub league. I do not understand our stepping back into a weaker league will help us progress? Surely we will learn more staying where we are?

Another decision I was not happy with was the decision to force members to pay up their entire seasons fees in one lump sum of £165.00 (this is actually more than last season when we were in the Middlesex County League and had a reserve team). There are many of us out of work or in college who will struggle to find this money.

I am looking at opportunity of moving to another club, there are plenty of clubs in the football league ladder who are looking for a left-footed defender …. or maybe I’ll just pay my money and continue to bitch and moan via this blog.

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