Betting On The Melbourne Cup

When I go on my holiday to Seaford next weekend I am tempted to jump on a train and go to Plumpton and watch some horse racing if there is any on that weekend. I used to do that sometimes when I went to boarding schools in St Leonards On Sea and Seaford.

I first got into horse racing when I was about 11 but it was not until I was about 18 that I actually started placing bets and taking a more in depth interest in form and such.

Pretty soon the Melbourne cup will be racing towards us (please excuse the poor pun), this is Australia’s major annual thoroughbred horse race (according to Wikipedia) and one of the important races in the racing season. I am sorely tempted to have a Bet on Melbourne Cup this year.

If you are thinking of doing the same thing then you might want to check out a site called who are offering great Melbourne Cup Odds this year. The web site also includes news on the racing industry so you will never be kept out of the loop on important news.

If you are watching the Melbourne Cup Betting on the event might make it a lot more fun to watch.

Image by anncapictures from Pixabay

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