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As someone who has looked after a disabled person for over ten years I can vouch that it is an incredibly difficult job. There was no training offered to me when my father fell into a coma in hospital and came home and needed someone to look after him.

Thankfully my father has recovered and is now able to look after himself but what happens when things get too much for you and the best place for the person you are caring for is a nursing home?

Many people believe that putting your loved one in a nursing home (otherwise known as an old people’s home) is the cruellest thing that you could ever do to someone that you are supposed to love and cherish.

But this is simply not true. Sometimes placing them into a home that is staffed with employees who are trained to be able to cater to their needs is the best thing for them and yourself.

That is what Better Caring is all about.

Better Caring is a website that is dedicated to helping people answer those crucial questions about looking after your loved ones. They offer lots of news items and tips on how to look after someone you are caring for.

Their website offers a large searchable directory of nursing homes in the United Kingdom so that you can search and find nursing homes and residential homes that are within or near your local area.

There is also a discussion message board where you can swap tips and ask for advice with other people from all over the world about various caring topics.

Better Caring really should be your first port of call when looking for answers on how to best look after someone who needs your help.

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