Being Myself Is Better Than Being Nice

For the past several months I have tried to be nice and happy instead of my normal grumpy anti-social ball of hatred that most people know me as. I did it to prove to someone that I can change and be nice to people.

The one thing that I have noticed while being nice is how people treat you differently. They treat you like shit, try and take advantage of you and pretty much step all over you.

The amount of times I’ve been verbally abused in the street for not giving someone a pound or a cigarette is unbelievable. I’m sorry I don’t have any money or a spare cigarette, why does that warrant you yelling at me that I’m a cunt? I’m sorry I don’t know the way to the road you are looking for, was that really a valid reason to call me a stupid dumb cunt?

So I’ve given up being nice, it’s not worth it.

Yesterday someone asked me for a cigarette, I did not say “sorry I haven’t got any, please forgive me”. I simply looked him in the eye and growled “No, now fuck off!” He did not swear at me or call me names, he simply walked on very quickly.

On the way to work this morning the bus came to a halt at a bus stop and I continued reading my paper and then realised we’d been at the stop for 15 minutes. There was shouting coming from downstairs.

I went downstairs to see a drunk man (at 5am in the morning!) screaming at the driver who was shitting himself in his cab. Something about the driver being racist for not letting him drink alcohol on the bus.

Everyone was avoiding looking at him but where tutting and sighing very loudly. I approached the guy and he swore at me. I said to him “you’re making me late for work, you cunt! Now either sit the fuck down or I’ll throw you off the bus head first!”

Not a peep as he meekly sat in a vacant seat and stared out of the window as I went back up stairs.

Would he have done that if I had asked him nicely? No he wouldn’t, he would have stood there and argued with me.

At football on Saturday I was shat on and I had two options, walk away or start throwing punches. I took the nice way out and walked. Since then I have received nothing but abuse on Facebook.

Now if I had turned and decked people would I have received this abuse? No, I wouldn’t.

Don’t believe it, Nice guys never win. Fact.

Next time someone says that to you, punch them in the face.

Image by Adrian Malec from Pixabay

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