Becoming A Secret Biscuit Eater

I have resorted to trying to discreetly, and quietly, eat my biscuits in the staff room so as not to alert the Lazy Cleaner to the fact that I have any, this is due to his recent gluttonous attitude when I offer him one.

For a second night in a row he has pebble-dashed the toilet. I am going to speak to the manager tomorrow about locking the toilet up until he learns to clean up after himself or he changes his diet.

I was hoping to listen to the Millwall game tonight, but none of the radio stations were commentating on the game and as I had to go around switching lights off and locking up then it was not going to be practical for me to watch it on iFollow.

I ended up just checking Google every 20 minutes or so for the update. Considering we haven’t beaten Norwich up at Carrow Road in over 50 years I am more than happy for us to leave there with a draw and a clean sheet.

A group of Millwall fans rented a hotel room overlooking the ground and were heard singing and chanting out of the windows. In this current climate it is rather heart-warming to see football fans going to extreme lengths to support their football club.


Image by Ryan McGuire from Pixabay

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