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[wpv-post-body][wpv-post-title][wpv-post-shortcode]We can help you to make up your own style of closing, choose the footwear and accessories to match. All you need is sending us 2-5 photos made in different foreshortenings, on which you try on the new clothes. We also need a description of the event you are going to visit. Our stylists and beauticians will tell you what do you look like and advice what may be changed. The price of the service includes one attire or character. If you order 5-10 characters at a time you’ll get a discount of 50%. Here’s the most frequent example. A girl (or woman) is going to have a date but can’t make up her mind what to wear for this event. There are a lot of clothes, but what should she choose? Which shoes? Which handbag and accessories? It’s not a problem.

She sends us ( 1, 2 or 3 types of attire with 2-5 photos of each. Then our experts in style help her to make the right choice. Here’s another example. The girl is going to a chic club with her boyfriend. she is troubled about what to put on to be in fashion. After we had received the photos our experts gave her good advice. The following day we received a letter from the girl. she was very grateful because everyone appreciated her style, particularly her boy. and he has already invited her for another date.

One more example. A girl named Sarah addressed us at recently. She went shopping with her friend. she wanted something new and very special. Sarah tried on a deal of new clothes, she liked everything and she was ready to buy everything. Successfully her friend took some photos of her. Sarah send us the photos she liked but we chose the only one that matched her perfectly.

One more similar example. Purchasing of the wedding dress is a matter of huge importance for bride! A lovely dress means a pleasant wedding ceremony and good memory. a bride named Sandra addressed us. She tried on a good amount of wedding dresses, but she could not choose any. Some dresses were just ordinary, other were too expensive. How could she find a lovely dress on cheap price? We offered her 2 patterns. The dresses were bonny, not expensive and fitted Sandra perfectly. It was easier for her to choose one of two. She was grateful.

We remained pleased!

We can help you to make up your own style of closing, choose the footwear and accessories to match

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