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Over the weekend I paid a deposit to secure my room at the Newhaven Lodge for my little trip to Seaford in two weeks time. I used this B&B before and despite the £5.00 a night rate increase I still went with them due to the fact that they leave you alone and let you come and go as you please.

I was a little bit reluctant at first when I saw that the name of the email sender was a Mr. Phil Careless.

It looks like it might cost me a bit more than I bargained for as I have just this moment discovered that the last train and bus from Seaford to Newhaven is about 11:30pm and I intend to stay out a bit later watching some acts who do not finish until about 1am.

I am hoping that there is a cab company around, or that the cabs that hang around the station in Seaford will still be there. Otherwise I will have to walk and I don’t fancy my chances walking along a motorway, with no footpath, pissed as a fart.

Well sometime this week I shall book my train tickets but before then I have to find out how to gt to a place called The Forum as I am going to see Serj Tankian on Wednesday.

It is weird because I am not looking forward to it. Normally when you buy a ticket to see a band or singer you like then you normally get excited, but strangely I am not. In fact I am looking upon it more as a chore than something I want to do!

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