Bad Luck

Wayne says that I have the worst possible luck when it comes to using services from companies. I’ve had Sky charge me double month after month, I’ve had British Telecom disconnect me despite paying the bill, I’ve had my bank randomly charge me for direct debits that do not exist.

A couple of weeks ago I had my phone line disconnected and my broadband stopped (both are with British Telecom). I got Wayne to phone them up for me, otherwise I would have been screaming, shouting and swearing at them, and they told him that someone told them that I did not want their services anymore and that is why they stopped my services and sent me a bill for £502 (since increased to £658).

When Wayne phoned British Telecom they apologised and said they would reconnect my line on Friday but this did not happen so he phoned them again on this morning and was told that the person he spoke to must have forgotten to set it up. So they said they would reconnect me later on today but this has not happened either so Wayne will phone them up tomorrow for a third time.

Maybe he has a point; maybe I do have bad luck when it comes to using services…

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