Backyard Comedy Club

Last night I went to the Backyard Comedy Club with Wayne & Reiss. I did not know if Reiss was definitely coming, until about two hours before we left, as I asked him a couple of weeks ago and he said he wanted to come but then during the week he said he was going to The Intrepid Fox on Saturday.

It was an OK night, Lee Hurst was at his normal best, Howard Read took a while to get going but soon had us laughing, Maff Brown was funny I’ve seen him on a TV show before (no not the fat guy from the Lost!) and Steve Hughes was bloody hilarious as always.

When I woke up this morning I felt as if something was living inside me, despite having three t-shirts, a jumper and lying under two thick duvets I was still shivering and has to dash to the toilet to throw up several times.

At one point I passed out in the kitchen, my dad and Wayne both heard me hit the floor with a thud but still did not bother to come into the kitchen to see what had happened. I could have had a fit or swallowed my bloody tongue, the uncaring bastards!

I feel a bit better now, I’m still wearing most of my wardrobe and have a thick duvet around me with the heating on and I’m still bloody freezing!

I had promised Steve Ashfield (the editor of the Piledriver fanzine) that I would have an article ready for him by the weekend. I had to drag myself to the computer every couple of hours and add bits to it every time, I’ve still only managed to put about 547 words, I think I need to get about 765-800.

Hopefully I can finish it in the morning, to be honest I have actually been hit with a case of writer’s block

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