Babysitting a Monster

[wpv-post-body][wpv-post-title][wpv-post-shortcode]Today was babysitting day which meant picking up the 4 year old grandson from school and taking him to stay & play where he raced around pushing other kids off their toys and being the loudest person in the place. I love him to bits but he really has nobody setting him straight.

When it is time for bed he says “no 5 more minutes”, he is FOUR and he is telling YOU, the adult, when he is going to go to bed. I’ve spoken about this before and his mum and nan both say his dad should be the one to discipline him. I don’t agree with that at all, his dad isn’t around but if both parents were around they should both take the responsibility.

I’m not related to him so I feel like I’m intruding when I tell him off. Although he is learning fast that he can not twist me around his finger like everyone else. When people finally persuade him to bed he runs back downstairs and it takes them ages, I didn’t ask him I just took him up and told him not to dare come down. Didn’t hear from him until 6am the next morning.

With the little monster tucked up in bed I decided to break the law and logged into someone’s internet connection that had been left unlocked. Whoever it was I thank them because I managed to download the entire catalogue of WWE PPVs from 1984 to 2001.

I was put into the spare room where I found a camp bed that was actually VERY comfortable although it made a loud squeaky noise when turning over in it. In the corner was some stuff that the daughter’s EX had left behind, the thing that caught my eye was the audio technica ath-m50 that was propped up in the corner next to an amp. I was tempted to have a play on it but it was 2am in the morning and didn’t think people would appreciate me trying to play a rubbish version of Enter Sandman.

Photo by Afonso Lima from FreeImages

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