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I was planning on going to Hull today to watch Millwall take on Hull City. Hull is just shy of 100 miles away from Manchester so I would have taken a bus and a train to get there. I threw that plan in the bin when I discovered that Millwall still have the membership scheme in place.

The membership scheme was put in place in 2002 when Millwall were knocked out of the Championship play-offs against Birmingham and after the match there was fighting in the streets sparked by overzealous police steaming into Millwall fans.

Despite the fighting happening over a mile away from the ground the police, the media and the FA still held Millwall Football Club 100% responsible for the trouble. I have never fully understood how the club was meant to stop trouble that happened a mile away from their stadium, but that is a debate for another day.

To stop the police from suing Millwall, and the FA from kicking us out of the league, the chairman brought in a membership scheme for home and away games. You had to sign up in order to buy a ticket. It annoyed fans even further when the club charged a tenner for these cards.

After a couple of years the club announced they had been allowed to scrap the membership scheme for home games but that it would still remain for away games. I forgot about all about it because I went to several preseason friendlies at the start of this season I had no trouble buying the tickets.

The membership scheme for away games is apparently still in force because I tried to buy two tickets for the Hull City game and was told that I needed the card. They are now charging £16 for a card, I would need 2 so that would be £32. You are charging me £32 because some idiots had a fight over a decade ago? A fight that I had nothing to do with?

I have been attending Millwall games since 1987 (ironically the first game was against Hull City) and have never been arrested or ejected from a stadium for causing ANY trouble yet I have to fork over £16 for a bit of plastic to prove that I’m a good boy?

You can fuck right off you greedy fucking bastards!

Maybe it was a sign because Millwall were annihilated 4-1 with all four of their goals coming in the first half.

Instead we went shopping in town for cleaning products to clean the grotty house I would be staying in and then visiting a few people for some cups of tea. We were hoping to clean when we got back but her lazy 19 year old son refused to let us because he is hooked on a computer game called DC Universe and refused to leave the front room so we cleaned the kitchen and her bedroom instead.

I would have thrown him out months ago but I guess he wouldn’t hit me like he hits her. I’m glad I only spend a long weekend there because he would do my head in staying longer, how can you smash up rustic furniture and punch walls because you lost at a computer game?

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