Ask Levin Blair if Wrestlers Are Pussies

The past two days I have written about two rather sour incidents that have happened to me (HERE and HERE) but after reading this morning about an incident that happen on a train in America I have found a little bit of positivity in the human race being restored in me, not too much mind.

A man got on a train in Minneapolis and was drunkenly yelling abuse at any person who looked his way. A man got on a couple of stops later and politely asked the drunk to move so he could place his bike in the bike rack that the man was blocking, the drunk replied by yelling abuse and physically threatening the cyclist who then pressed the emergency alarm but no police or staff came.

That was when former WWE wrestler Davari appeared, he calmly took his sunglasses & coat off and put the drunk in a sleeper hold and choked him out and made him piss himself. At the next stop Davari threw him off the train where awaiting staff dealt with him.

That almost rates up there with comedian Tom Wrigglesworth who helped hold a whip-round for a pensioner when she got on the wrong train (an error by the ticket office, not her) and the ticket inspector forced her to buy another ticket at a cost of £115 or be arrested.

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