Apparently We Might Be Evicted

I received a rather threatening letter today through the post. It was from a company that wanted to gain access to my property to make sure that my boiler system is working safely and correctly.

They sent me a letter about a month ago saying they would be sending someone around to check my boiler. To be honest I forgot about it and only remembered when I came home two weeks later and saw a card sticking out the front of my letterbox (telling every burglar in East London that there was nobody home!).

Today the letter said that a second attempt had been made to enter my property (doesn’t that sound like they tried to break in?). It then started to say how not letting them into the property was a breach of my tenancy rules and that they were legally allowed to have me evicted unless I let them in to check the boiler.

I’m taking what is left of the letter (my puppy got hold of it) into work tomorrow so my brother can phone them up and tell them to either come in the evening, the weekends, or fuck off.

I’m not taking a day off so I can sit in the flat like an idiot and wait for someone to come round to check the boiler (these people only offer all-day appointments), I don’t get paid for taking days off so I’d lose a day’s pay.

And anyway, these people are always sending people around to check the gas meter and boiler. On average they send someone round about every two weeks to have a look at the readings on the gas meter or check the boiler is working properly.

Why they need to come every two weeks is beyond me!

Speaking of having a day off I was forced to have one today. I went to the doctor and was kept in the waiting room with all those germ carriers for well over an hour. All I wanted was some new stuff for my psoriasis. The chemist could not get my order together until 3:30 so I had to tell my boss I would not be in today, apparently she was in a foul mood all-day.

I’ve decided to treat it again. I go through waves of this, it normally coincides with me going through patches of trying to be nice to people and be all outgoing and sociable. It won’t last long. :)

Image by Omar González from Pixabay

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