Apparently My Blog Is One Of The Best 200 Blogs On The Net

I think I may have caught some sort of mood disease from Thes. For the past couple of weeks I’ve been fluctuating between feeling good & feeling like a bag of shite. Nothing seems to spark it and my renewed love (obsession?) with Portishead seems to be making my bad moods a lot worse.

Maybe it has something to do with my health kick that I’ve managed to stick to this week. When it gets too bad I go to the shop and buy myself something with lots of auger in it, this tends make me feel better. I’m such a woman!

I’ve started taking Vitamin E, Vitamin B1 and Zinc to help me boost my crappy immune system. I’ve also cut down on the amount of takeaways I used to eat and I’m running again. The thing that is weird is that now I’m doing this I’m finding my face is breaking out in spots every single day!

A friend of mine was going to arrange for me and him to go and see a comedy show on the 14th of March. Sadly his rather domineering girlfriend has banned him from going out as apparently any man who goes out without his girlfriend is a cheating bastard, or words to that effect.

This is not the first time I’ve arranged to go to a gig or a show with him and he has called it off due to his girlfriend overtly clingy and an all-round bitch. I now have a spare ticket and thought Thes might want to be cheered up by seeing a man who likes willies, a rude Australian, a very bitchy gay guy and some funky dancing … apparently. 🙂

Oh and I got an award for my blog!

Apparently my blog can now boast that it is a Blogger Appreciation Awards Semi-Finalist 2009.

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