Apparently I’ve Got A Nice Arse!

We now officially have a new Prime Minister, after 10 years leading this country (and 13 years as leader of Labour) Tony Blair has finally been forced to step down and hand over power to Gordon Brown. It still amazes me to this day that people vote a guy into power and then straight away start demanding that he resign because he is not doing the job quickly enough for their liking.

There are several things that Tony Blair did that I disagree with, and yes the Iraq war will haunt him until he dies, but a lot of people are forgetting that Tony Blair also did a lot of good stuff, and much of these good things are quietly being swept under the carpet by the haters and hypocrites.


Yesterday I was walking down the street when two teenage girls (about 15-17 and were obviously desperate) walked past me and then shouted “Nice arse!” at me. I’m almost 100% certain that they were being sarcastic but I will choose to take it as a compliment and there is nothing they can do about it! HA!

I was watching a program this morning on BBC 2 called Rome. I’m not sure how accurate the research was as I’m almost certain that Romans did not use the word fuck as a slang word (“fuck off!”) and I am even more sure that they did not go around using the world bollocks as a way of saying something is untrue (“bollocks!”).

Photo by Dorota Bernatek from FreeImages

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