Apparently I’m On Parole

Despite the fact that I’ve deleted all the friends, and deactivated my account, I received a message on Facebook this morning. It was from someone that I have not heard from in around 15 years. We used to be tight mates until that fateful day when I shagged his sister.

I personally did not think it was that big of a deal, but boy was I fucking wrong!

He added me as a friend a couple of months ago and we never spoke. He contacted me today and asked if I fancied meeting up one weekend. I had to activate my account and then deactivate it again just so I could send him a message telling him to fuck off (OK I did not put it as bluntly as that).

On the plus side it looks like the acceptable amount of time to hate someone for sleeping with your sister is around 15 years, after that time frame it is OK to be friends again. Jesus anyone would think I slipped some horse supplements into her drink beforehand.

About three years ago I bought some CDs for someone but when we fell out I decided not to give them to her and instead kept them in my CD collection unopened and unlistened. Tonight I finally opened one and gave it a spin.

It was an album by Robert Palmer called Some Guys Have All The Luck. It is not an official album it is one of those back catalogue compilations that the record company releases without the approval of the artist.

I cracked open a bottle of Whiskey that has been sitting in a cupboard since Christmas and had a rather enjoyable evening. Obviously not as good as listening to Spandau Ballet until 3am in the morning while sipping good cognac, but it was still better than drinking beer and listening to depressive death metal.

Sometimes I wish you could buy one of those wicked gadgets that they have in films like Men In Black that clears the memory of whoever you point it at. Then I’d be certain that nobody would be spreading any little secrets or personal shit that I’ve told them.

It is not a nice feeling sitting around waiting for the moment when they finally tell people what you have told them when you had one too many. Damn me and my inebriated state at times!

It hasn’t happened yet but it is only a matter of time.

Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

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