Apparently I’m A Sexual Deviant!

Football training was very fun this week, although I am hating the journey there and back I am starting to look forward to the weekly training sessions because it is a lot of fun to do these days. I say that now but I have just found out that Coach and Jayson intend to put us through rigorous fitness sessions next week!

I am slowly starting to feel my confidence growing with the ball over these past couple of months, I am now looking for the ball and when I receive it I am holding it and looking for people in stead of panicking and hoofing it forward.

When I got home I was greeted with a lot of emails from the hotels & B&Bs that I have contacted about booking my weekend away at the end of the month, they were either booked full that weekend or did not allow single people to take rooms.

You don’t allow single people to book rooms? It is Seaford, did they think I was going away for a weekend of sex and general debauchery?!

I have decided to look to neighbouring Newhaven to see if I can find some accommodation there, I’ve been told the place is a shithole but then again it does have a ferry port to France so I might not have much luck here.

My friend Reiss did suggest a Travelodge but the nearest Travelodge is in Eastbourne which is about 12 miles away, perfect if I wanted to stay in Eastbourne but it might become expensive commuting from Eastbourne To Seaford numerous times a day.

I found out that their rival Premier Inns have a hotel in Newhaven but after being quoted at £68.00 a night (without food or use of any facilities) I decided it was just out of my price range. The only thing small about us is the bill my arse!

I did find one place that is on the road from Seaford to Newhaven so I could walk the five-ten minute journey easily, the rooms are cheap as well but I have this nagging feeling they will be fully booked as well.

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