Apparently I’m A Grunger

My aunt came to visit yesterday. I haven’t seen her in a good couple of years. She is ten years older than me so when I came along she was more like my sister than an aunt. She was the one who got me into the rock & punk scene of the 70s & 80s and gave me some awesome haircuts (like the epic Flock of Seagull).

She came to see my dad but when she heard me playing some music she came into my room to say hello. Well, actually, she really came in to scrounge a cigarette off me. She is quite possibly the biggest ponce I’ve ever met in my life. Family members actually call her ‘The Ponce’ and lock things away when she comes to visit.

She listened to the song I had playing, looked at the posters I had on my wall, looked at what I was wearing and then declared that I was a ‘proper grunger’. I have no idea what a grunger is but apparently I am now one, and a proper one at that.

I should also mention that I have not shaved in about eight weeks so now have a rather wild beard and moustache combo going on. I’ve set fire to it twice so far since I’ve had it. Not sure how long I’ll keep it as it makes me look dirty and the moustache is rather wiry.

I’ve started rolling my own cigarettes from today. I’m working on two potential reasons for swapping over from filtered ones:

1. It is a hell of a lot cheaper.

2. Rolling takes more effort therefore I won’t smoke as many.

At the moment I’m going through about 40 a day due to all the shit I’ve been going through recently. Not blaming anyone for that, I took the decision to smoke myself. I seem to be smoking more since I knocked the weed and the speed on the head.

I am using a rolling machine for the time being until I can properly learn to roll myself. It is something that takes a lot of skill to perfect I think, especially when you have psoriatic arthritis in your joints.

I went to see As It Occurs To Me (AIOTM!) for their last show tonight. I haven’t been to one yet (I was meant to go to the first one but wasn’t feeling up to it) so I was determined to get to one. Good job I booked ahead because it was packed out!

I’m glad I went, I could have done with a good laugh. I’m also glad to discover that my ‘fondness’ for TV’s Emma Kennedy is still very much alive.

Photo by Charlie Balch from FreeImages

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