Anything Is Better Than Seeing The Family

I had a choice today, make the trip to the flat or stay at home and be insulted by the Maltese side of the family who had invited themselves round for the afternoon. The decision wasn’t difficult for me to make.

I managed to get a lot done. I cleaned the bathroom, cleaned more of the kitchen and shifted through more rubbish in the bedroom. It has amazed me what I have found in that room. Not just dirt and shit but things like old Mega Drive games, VHS tapes and even 30 year old wedding invitations.

I have been having a battle with a very fat fly. I have tried about two cans of fly spray but there he is every time I walk into the flat, bumbling through the air bouncing into things. I have thought about putting fly paper up to catch him, but I hate that shit as my nan had it when I was a kid and never took it down.

I have a feeling that this is going to end with a final confrontation that will involve me twatting the chunky fucker with a rolled up newspaper.

On the way home I learned of the sad death of Ronnie Dio which was a bummer. I knew that he had been fighting stomach cancer but I had heard that he was winning his battle with the disease.

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