Another Wasted Journey

After yesterday’s triumph I was pondering whether to go to the trial I had set up with a team called Springfield FC. They play on a Saturday but in a much higher league butt they had shipped in over 40 goals in about 4 games.

I decided to go in the end, they play at a much higher level and I want to get as high as I can before my legs give out completely.

I made my way to an area of Walthamstow where they train; I had to walk through many back roads before I came to the astro pitches that they train on. It was then that I realised we had a problem.

The manager of the team refused to give me a club contact number, I don’t know why but he just kept saying I would know the team when I saw them, well I was standing there looking at everyone for a hint or a sign but found nothing.

I’d given him my number and was hoping that he would call me as I walked around all the pitches to ask if they were Springfield FC – none of them were. Training was meant to start at 8:30pm, by 8:45pm I was still waiting so I decided to cut my losses and went home.

That isn’t the first time I have been messed around by a team like that. I arranged to attend a training session with a team from that very league last season and made my way to White City only for them not to bother turning up.

I hope tomorrow’s training session goes ahead, I’m going along to a Sunday league side in Canada Water.

Photo by L. M. from FreeImages

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