And On Top Of This It Poured Down!

I was on a number 55 bus this evening (some heartless selfish bastard had thrown themselves under a train at Oxford Circus earlier in the day and there were still 20 minute waits between each train) when two black teenage boys got on the bus and decided to sit in the seats behind me.

I suddenly became very nervous for no apparent reason. These kids were not even talking they were merely staring out the window at the people running to hide from the rain or staring around the bus in a bored fashion.

I did think about maybe moving further down the bus but then I started to think that this may make me look racist or racial stereotyping. I could have gone downstairs but then I thought they might realise when they look out the window and do not see me get off, or come down to get off and find me sitting ‘safely’ downstairs.

That might give them fair more reason to shove their knife through my face!

It wasn’t until I was walking down Bishops Way that I started feeling rather foolish and was openly chuckling to myself about it, so much that I forced a woman to cross the road and almost get run over rather than risk walking past the laughing weirdo.

What was her problem anyway? Can’t I walk down the street without someone judging me irrationally….

My dog has not been well lately so I asked Wayne to arrange for an appointment with the vet. Since he was not in work today he took her up there for me. She was diagnosed with a rather painful infection in her bum.

I have some very expensive tablets to give her, if they do not work then we will be back at the vet next Monday here she will undergo a procedure that is basically an enema for animals.

I hope it does not come down to the enema treatment, they will sting me for about £150.00!

Has anyone got a spare bit of garden hose laying about?

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

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