And Back To Hospital You Go

It turns out the reason my dad wanted me to come home was because he had planned to go to the hospital and had two deliveries coming, he never told me any of this. In fact when I asked him why he wanted me to come home his reply was “mind your own business and just do it!”

In fact he went to hospital because they found a blood clot in his arm which was hard for them to shift, they let him home Monday evening so I guess the clot had passed through, dissolved or did whatever it was meant to do.

Yesterday he went back to hospital for his routine dialysis treatment but he phoned me to tell me he was being kept in due to the clot reforming. Turns out they are having real big problems shifting it and had to stick a balloon into his arm and inflate it to try and get the clot the break up.

It means I have the place to myself, which is nice, but it also means that I have to receive phone calls every 5 minutes to make sure I have not burnt the place down, nobody has broken in or that me or the dog have starved to death.

Jeez dad, 32, remember?

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