An OK Weekend

I was dropped from Acton Town’s starting line up for the first time in three seasons on Saturday. The excuse I was given was that since I had played in almost every game since I joined them (I missed one a couple of months ago) that it was time for me to have a rest.

I did not even get to play as I forgot my shinpads and no one would let me borrow theirs, not even the guys that had already been subbed. So I had to stand on the touchline in the freezing cold and try and stop Jayson’s dad from starting various punch ups with the opposition’s manager.

At one point I had to be stopped from venturing onto the pitch and thumping one of my own team mates. He was fouled and instead of giving the bloke a bit of verbal he decided to SPIT at him, that is one thing that makes my blood boil! I fully expect him to be diciplined by the club – the dirty bastard!

I went to The Hayfield with Reiss in the evening. We were joined by Adrian, his brother Mark and Jen. Reiss decided that coming to the pub with me was a better option than going to some Irish folk dancing thingy. 😛

Reiss got me an awesome Bullseye poster which is going up on my wall. 🙂

It was actually an OK night, until Adrian decided to go and be a dickhead and offended Jen. I took him to one side and told him to calm down and he actually did for a couple of hours but then he went and offended Jen again so I had another word with him and got him to apologise.

I wanted something to eat and Jen showed me some curry place and I bought a nice-looking chicken curry, when I got home the cartons were leaking over the kitchen counter and I was left with a bright yellow stain which is still not coming out even now.

I managed not to offend Jen so that was a good night.

Photo by Adrian van Leen from FreeImages

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