An Eyeful On The Train

After three sessions of not going I decided that it was time for me to go to football training again. I had been unable to go in recent weeks due to a variety of problems from money issues to having to pick up my new puppy.

I was on the train and a woman got on and sat herself down. She had a top on that was too small and practically allowed her boobs to escape from their cell. She had a skirt on that was far too small also, let’s just say that if you were sitting opposite her you would be able to know if she as wearing underwear or not.

I’ll admit I had a sneaky look, what man wouldn’t, but there was a young man of about 20 sitting opposite her who thought it was his birthday as not only was he getting a nice eyeful of her boobs and underwear (possibly, or maybe more!) but at one point she bent over a seat to get a free newspaper and he had a view of her bum.

After about ten minutes she looked up from her paper and gave him a look and then shouted at him “What are you looking at, pervert?!” The poor young man immediately buried his head into his magazine as his face turned beetroot red.

The young temptress was not finished though “Fucking dirty little pervert eyeing me up just because I’m wearing a skimpy outfit!” Skimpy? I’m sure there are laws about having your boobs and other bodily parts (possibly) on display in public.

He made a dash for the doors as the train stopped and I saw him get on another carriage. I do not mean to sound rude but if you go out in public with your boobs hanging out and your under crackers on display then what do you expect to happen? Young men are obsessed with sex and they will look at a pair of tits when they see them.

Speaking of the underground, why is it that man can put people on far away planets made of cheese but we can not find a way of making the underground cooler? It can get pretty warm down there at the best of times but in the summer it is almost unbearable.

I was moaning about this to a friend last night on MSN and his reply was a very good one and actually got me thinking. He said why don’t they set up little stalls on the platforms of some of the popular stations along the lines and sell cold bottles of water to help cool passengers down?

Instead of trying to figure out how to set up phone masts underground, so passengers can use their phones and laptops, why not set up something like this? Surely it will be cheaper and will make passengers a lot more happy to pay your stupidly high train fares and a lot less sweaty!

Image by analogicus from Pixabay

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