Am I Getting Too Old To Get Drunk?

I accompanied Reiss to A pub in Dalston Kingsland to see/hear Simon DJ. I can’t remember the last time I went out with Reiss, been too busy running off to Eastbourne like a stupid love struck teenager.

Wayne, Scott and Tien turned up. Tien and Scott couldn’t get served as they are only 16 and they dress like 16 year olds. I gave Tien the pint of John Smiths that Reiss bought me. That is how great I am I gave away a pint from someone who buys me one pint every year!

We moved on to a pub called The White Hart, we made sure Scott & Tien kept away from the bar and bought them some shots to keep them happy and quiet. It didn’t work as Tien got hammered and decided to get lippy to a few people and, more importantly, me.

I don’t mind people telling me I have a hot girlfriend, it is a compliment to me, but I do get slightly annoyed when the person says it several times and then goes into detail about what they would do to her if they got the chance.

Luckily Wayne, Scott & Reiss where on hand to make sure he kept his mouth shut. When we left the pub Tien decided to pick a fight with anything and everything in site. Not wise when we are next door to a huge police station. The last thing we wanted was them offering their special brand of roadside assistance.

Me and Reiss decided to go home and left Tien in the hands of Scott and Wayne (who took him to a club where he tried to have a fight with a tree on the way home). On the way home I was thinking about how I used to be like that when I was his age and would get drunk. I’m at that age now where I can’t be bothered dealing with it. Especially when we were standing outside the bagel shop and he was asking how hard I thought I was.

It wasn’t a total washout night. Reiss, whether he knew it or not, paid me a couple of nice compliments about my appearance and how good it was to see me happier now I’ve fooled someone into going out with me.

He gave me a hug but I suspect he just wanted to grope me.

Photo by Hervé de Brabandère from FreeImages

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