Acton Town Win!

Acton Town did something quite remarkable on Saturday. They not only won a game (which is quite remarkable in itself) but they went on and beat AMU 5-1 away from home. This is possibly our biggest win in Saturday football. I can not even remember us winning this much in Sunday football.

After the game me, Edward and Martin (our coach) went to a local pub for a couple of beers and a few games of pool. This was very cool as it meant I got to know them a little bit better, and they got to know that I suck at pool. 🙂

I went home, dropped my gear off and had a bath before heading to the local kebab shop for a burger and chips, I came home to see Reiss outside the intercom. So we set off to The Mucky Pub which is becoming a weekly Saturday night custom.

Wes was already in there and we were joined by Alfie and his girlfriend Eddie. This is only the second time I’ve met her but she is kind of cool. I especially like her after she told me how to say “West Ham Are Crap” in Polish.

Jenna turned up, since she and Reiss have broken up I’ve noticed she has stopped pretending to like me. It is a shame that she feels the need to judge me like that because I actually thought she was cool.

I decided to head home after hearing Jenna’s rather large and sweaty friend yell at the top of her voice that she desperately needs sex.

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