“Acton Town Lose Again” Shocker!

Acton Town lost again on Saturday, this time we went down 4-2 against Samba Street Soccer. The annoying thing is that we were actually 2-0 up and playing some nice football until that second goal went in.

As soon as we were 2-0 up you could see the midfield getting cocky and showing off, that is when the midfield parted like the Red Sea and the home side started pounding the defence. We only had three of us in defence but we did a good job, otherwise it could have been 20-2!

The midfield do this all the fucking time. The entire team starts off fighting and challenging for every ball and then when the second half starts the players look like they have left their fight with the empty bottles of drink!

You then have 45 minutes of the midfield parting and forcing the defence to have to handle the pressure.

I picked up my third booking of the season. Nobody can ever say that I do not fight for every ball, go into challenges and give my all for the team!

Photo by jose assenco from FreeImages

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