Acton Town 0 Hiwa 3

This was the last throw of the dice at winning some silverware this season (both our first team and reserve team are currently near the foot of their respective tables) and I stupidly thought that we might have a chance … oh how foolish I am becoming.

We resorted to a back four but although I was pushed to left back I was not allowed to play as a left-back and was repeatedly ordered to act as a third centre back. When we had corners they were still insisting on having four players back in defence even when there were no Hiwa players to mark!

Zico went up for al the corners even though (and I don’t mean to be rude here) he does absolutely nothing when he goes up, he just pushes people in the back. He was telling Damien to get into defence while he went up, Damien has scored plenty of goals for us where as Zico has scored bugger all.

We were easily beaten 3-0 and even when we were losing 3-0 in a cup game we still had to keep 4 defenders at the back.

Photo by Esther Groen from FreeImages

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