Acquiring A New Nickname

Football training was quite fun this week. At one stage it really did pour down and we were all soaked through, apart from Learnmore who came late and stood under a tree. It turns out I have been passing the ball with the wrong part of my foot, apparently you are meant to pass with the laces part of the boot and not with the side foot.

I tried my hand at some crossing but being 75% blind my depth perception is not as good so my balls were dropping short (oo-er!).

When the sun came out I took my top off (it was soaked anyway) to get a bit of sun on my body, we did some more crossing and I got on the end of some nice crosses and put them away.

I was knackered when I got home.

I went to The Camden Head in Angel (yes the same Camden Head that I should have gone to see Richard Herring on Thursday!) with Reiss to meet up with Alfie, Jen and Will.

Reiss bought me a t-shirt with the slogan “I Don’t Have Tourette’s, You’re Just A C*nt!” He said that when he saw it he immediately thought of me and bought it. It is exactly the kind of t-shirt I would wear though. I tried it on this morning and it is a bit snug (DO I LOOK LIKE A FUCKING MEDIUM!?” but when I drop some more weight it will fit perfectly.

Reiss was feeling a bit weird and light-headed on the way to the pub. He told me that he had a frappuccino and then a Red Bull, no wonder he felt odd drinking his fancy coffee! Nothing good ever came from Starbucks and their evil plan for world domination.

We had a quick pint in the Camden Head and moved on as Jen and Will were waiting for us in The Crown and were refusing to move. I managed to get lost on the way to the toilet and had to come back and ask one of them where it was.

Reiss got the hump because there was no Guinness and he did not fancy drinking any of the other beers, ciders, ales and non-alcoholic beverages on sale. I felt a bit weird drinking when he wasn’t, it is like stuffing your face when a bloke is standing next to you starving hungry.

We moved on to a pub called The Albion, which is apparently frequented by some celebrities like that cunt Pete Doherty. I liked it in there it was nice and quiet, maybe this is a sign of me getting old?

Jen and Will went outside to talk and when they came back Will triumphantly declared that I needed a nickname, in case they meet another guy called Dean I guess, and came up with Big D, which I think is a cool nickname I have certainly been called worse!

Reiss then demanded that they come up with a nickname for him and someone came up with Raisin. We called him Raisin for the rest of the night and he did not like it at all and got quite pissed about it. Serves him right, maybe next time he will not be so quick to demand things and try to take control of things. 🙂

I was talking to Will during the evening about Richard Herring & Stewart Lee, nice to know someone else likes them both together and as solo comics. I’m definitely going to get those two Richard Herring DVDs now and I’m going to see if Stewart Lee has any DVDs available.

I got lost on my way to the toilet in The Albion as well, that is twice in one night I have got lost on the way to the toilet!

We moved onto the Mucky Pup for a couple and Jen got the barman to come over with Reiss’ pint and say “There you go, Raisin” which I thought was bloody funny but although he laughed Reiss did not find it funny.

Alfie is doing another gig on Thursday, this time it is at The Mucky Pup. Alfie told me that this one will have more people at it, I thought it was a shame that there was only about 6 people last time as his set (and Harold Fergus’) was good. I am definitely going to go on Thursday – I hope I don’t get lost as it is not on a main road.

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