Achy Breaky Calf

I woke up this morning and screamed the house down. I have often had to suffer tight calves when I’ve overdone it during the week by playing more games of football and attending more training sessions than I should have, but this time the pain was so much more!

It took me over 30 minutes to walk the dog around the estate – a walk that normally takes me less than 5 minutes – when I set out I was limping very slowly and silently whimpering with every step, but by the time I had returned home the pain had disappeared so I decided to head off to Hackney Marshes to play football.

The game was another busy one for me as my defence again left me to it and we lost the game 7-3. But with every game I play in goal I’m getting more confident and getting better. I know it doesn’t sound like it with 7-3 scorelines, but that game would have been well into double figures with another of the keepers in goal.

My leg felt fine after the game, but a 20 minute bus ride saw it seize up and I hobbled home.

If I don’t want the pain to come back then I’m going to have to spend my time walking around so the muscle doesn’t get cold!

Photo by Richard Styles from FreeImages

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