Achy Breaky Body

I woke up this morning in some considerable discomfort, my sides were very tight and aching and my legs felt like they muscles had been taken out and had been replaced with rocks, big jagged rocks. I have suffered this after every football match I’ve ever played in for the past 30 years! I don’t know why Mother Nature feels the need to punish me like this, as if my performances on the pitch are not painful enough.

I did not do any work yesterday so I made a point of getting as much work done today as my aching body would allow me, it was not nearly half as much as I would have liked to have completed, but I suppose it was better than laying in bed all day feeling sorry for myself and doing no work.

Due to the pain I was in I decided not to try and do my workout, by the evening the pain had not subsided so I think my running regime might have to be put on the back burner for a week or so as I don’t want to risk injuring myself. That right there is a sign off me getting old, the young me used to play football with torn groins and hamstrings!

Maybe Mother Nature hates football and is trying to get some of us to give it up by forcing us to go through pain, Mother Nature doesn’t realise how stubborn I can be.

Photo by Amy Hennen from FreeImages

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