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Well it is finally official; my dad is getting a professional home help to look after him so that means I now have the envious task of having to find a job after being effectively unemployed for almost ten years.

I was basically his home help since I turned 18 but he is not happy with the fact that I have a life (I play non-league football and like to go out for the odd pint or two on a Saturday night) and that I tried to encourage him to undertake some small tasks himself to gain some independence.

I left school with more than a dozen exams but I found out shortly after leaving school that the exams I took were not recognized by anybody, the school I attended had bought them because they were cheaper than GCSE ones.

Apart from a job as a school cleaner that I was sacked from after three months for being a lazy 17 year old, and the odd week here and there doing road sweeping, I have done pretty much nothing but look after my dad.

I have tried looking into gaining employment in three areas:

1. School cleaning. They are very strict on whom they employ now and my criminal record for being drunk rules me out.

2. Road sweeping. I actually went for an interview a couple of months ago and was told that I am not qualified enough to basically sweep up dog poo!

3. Home help. I went to four agencies and they all told me the same thing, your experience looking after your dad is nothing; we want certificates, training courses, etc.

Oh well it should be fun next week when I go to the Jobcentre to transfer from Income Support & ICA to JSA. How will they treat me knowing I have not got a hells chance of finding employment with my lack of experience?

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