A Visit To The Headmaster’s Son

Will was kind enough to invite me to see Richard Herring’s latest one man show yesterday. I was not sure if I was still invited or not as I am pretty sure I insulted him with a remark on my blog about being prepared to go to the show with the devil himself.

I got lost when I arrived at Leicester Square and Will had to leave his seat to come and find me like some lost child. I was walking around looking at these big theatres and buildings with huge flashing signs. The theatre I was looking for was not only tiny but also hidden down a side street.

As an avid reader of Richard’s blog for many months now I was well aware of the reviews that he was receiving for his Headmaster’s Son show and I was very much looking forward to seeing it but I was also slightly concerned that I might be expecting too much as I read review after review who all gave him 4 & 5 stars.

Thankfully my concerns were short-lived as the show was just as funny as the reviews had promised. Although it got a tad surreal at one point when he started doing a bit where he was having an argument with his younger self.

The only thing that disappointed me was that the time flew by. When he walked off the stage I saw rows of people doing exactly the same thing as me, looking at their watches & phones to see if it had really been 75 minutes already.

It certainly planted the seed into my head that I need to get off my fat arse and go to Edinburgh this year to experience the Edinburgh Festival. I’ve been saying that for the past three years but I think this year will be the one.

After the show we had a couple of drinks at the bar as I had to shoot off to get home to look after my nephew and did not want to pay to go to the metal club just for a couple of beers.

Will started ribbing me about the shameless whoring that I do on my blog. I’m not ashamed of letting my readers know about acne cures and where they can buy cheap taps for their bathroom!

I was walking down to the platform, to catch the last train home, when I spotted Richard Herring ahead of me, some drunk guy behind me had seen him too and got so excited that as he tried to rush down the stairs towards him he fell down the rest of the stairs and landed in a heap.

If you have not seen his show yet then get off your arse and go and see him. it is probably one of the best shows he has done.

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