A Visit To Camden Market

Yesterday I had nothing planned apart from slobbing about the house and sleeping, as I was coming back from the shop I bumped into Reiss and he invited me to come to Camden with him and experience their markets and food.

Reiss turned into a tour guide as he marched in front of me pointing out the various markets and stalls.

We had a good look around the stalls and we decided to stop and try some goat curry and rice, which was absolutely delicious. Reiss went into his normal excited state whenever I try something new. He found out the other day that I like Bob Dylan and almost had a heart attack!

We had another look around the stalls before going into a Cuban pub for a quick pint. We then went to a place that sells Shisha and ended up sitting next to 2 nice-looking Spanish ladies and a bloke.

Of course as soon as Reiss noticed that the two ladies were foreign he was off and ended up taking one of their numbers. We went into a pub later on to watch the Arsenal/Everton match before heading home to eat and get changed to go out later on in the evening.

As we planned on going to The Mucky Pup for new year’s eve we thought we’d go on a bit of a pub crawl but after a quick pint in The New Rose we ended up at The Mucky Pup and stayed there till closing.

Reiss has started this annoying habit again of trying to make me look like an idiot in front of strangers. I have shaved my head and because it is cold I wear a hat, he likes to whip the hat off my head so that everyone can see I am bald because he thinks I am embarrassed about it.

It was this constant putting me down like this that ended in me headbutting him last year.

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