A Sunday Stroll Down Brick Lane Market

Had a bit of a wonder around Brick Lane yesterday with the weirdo from my estate that keeps stalking me, otherwise known as Reiss. I sort of enjoy doing this because they have a Sunday market and they have a a wide range of fantastic things on sale from fruit & veg stalls to stalls selling strange designer ties.

One of my favourite things is the street food markets that are scattered around. You can find a stall from pretty much every country in the world cooking their country’s speciality dishes for around a fiver a foil container.

No I haven’t eaten any of it yet, mainly because of my self-consciousness when it comes to eating in public, but I still enjoy walking about and having a look at what has been cooked and generally getting out for a couple of hours.

To be honest some of it doesn’t look very appetising and Reiss was even pointing out to me which stalls never to go near. He is the biggest expert on food that I know, and that is not a nice way of saying he is a fat bastard … although he is a fat bastard. 🙂

We ended up popping into The Birdcage for a couple of pints. Considering this pub is an estate pub, and it is in a very rough area, it I a nice boozer that we have found ourselves in before. Although Reiss did laugh at me when I pointed to a famous building in the area and referred to it as The Hot dog building (Sivill House).

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