A Reserve Bow Badger

I didn’t get to play yesterday for Custom House, but I wasn’t too downhearted, and I knew that I would be getting some playing time with the mighty Bow Badgers today. I got to the pitch about an hour before kick-off to find nobody else associated with the team was there, so I put my headphones on and tried to listen to some music and forget about how cold it was, I really need to get some proper headphones, maybe some beats by dre earbuds from musicians friend.

Bow Badgers had 15 players turn up today so I was relegated to the bench, I was brought on with 30 minutes to go and almost scored a goal, but my fucking foot got stuck in the mud and the ball ended up innocently bouncing off my stuck leg and was then cleared.

Although the result wasn’t what we wanted (we lost 5-0) it was great to be out on the pitch and I’m thoroughly enjoying my football again, I just need to not concentrate on the fact that we are losing and I’ll continue to enjoy it.

When I got home I fell asleep on my bed and woke up about 8pm

Photo by Istvan Cserenyi from FreeImages

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