A Quiet Night In

Tonight I was meant to go to a little birthday celebration to celebrate Billy’s (and his twin brother’s) birthday, it was going to be held in a pub in St Pauls and will almost certainly end up at a club somewhere in the West End.

Billy personally invited me but although earlier in the week I said I would go I decided this morning that I would not go.

About two years ago (it might even be longer) Reiss was working with a guy called John Hall and they had a problem (Apparently John is a weirdo and is a grass) I’m not entirely sue what it was about but I remember it coming to a conclusion in a pub in Holborn.

Reiss approached John and asked him if they could go somewhere for a word to sort out the problems but John was sitting in his chair being a twat. After I was told by people what John had done I went to find him and told him that I thought he was an utter cunt.

Apparently John has not forgotten what I said and is still holding a grudge.

Billy invited John to the bash and John’s reply was to ask if I had been invited. I got the impression that he would want to continue where I left off the last time I met him. I have no problem with this, if he even tried anything I’d happily glass him in his stupid face.

The thing is I like Billy and don’t want to cause trouble for him and spoil his bash, that is why I am not going. I sent Reiss a text stating this and hopefully he will have told Billy when he went.

I might not even go to Reiss’ birthday bash next weekend because I have a feeling that John Hall might be invited to that and I know Reiss’ mum will be there and some of his close friends & family and I’d only cause embarrassment if I clumped him.

I actually have a nice quiet night in planned with a takeaway, a bottle of tequila and some cheesy music on the computer. 🙂

Image by Dean Moriarty from Pixabay

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