A Quick Update

I was sitting at the computer trying to do a bit of work when I became distracted by the constant barking of my dog Roxy. After about a minute of it I decided to go and investigate why she was making so much bloody noise.

She had locked herself in the bathroom (she does this quite a lot) and was barking because I had used the shower head to fill up a bucket and it was overflowing. She was warning me about it.

What a clever girl. 🙂

My dad is now home and boy is he making up for the time he was in hospital and unable to boss me around. He has had me on the computer looking at websites where he can buy gold online , as if he doesn’t have enough of that at the moment.

I’ve finally pushed Kerry and Allan out of my life. I’ll update more on that interesting saga tomorrow as I’m about to rush out to get drunk. 🙂

Photo by Megan Dodson from FreeImages

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