A Printing Service by Any Other Name

Finding a reliable Printing Service can be one of the toughest jobs when you have to do anything like putting together a publication or designing business cards. That was one reason why I decided to take my professional wrestling newsletter to an online only format, so many unreliable companies out there.

This is not to say that there are no reliable outfits out there, it is just so difficult and time-consuming to have to shift through all the bad ones in order to find the few good ones. Some say it is worth the time but I was able to just switch what I was doing to an internet version.

I know it is not always possible though, I have still had to go through this process when I wanted to get some Plastic Card Printing done (business cards to you and me) a few years ago.

A friend of mine does a lot of work from home and she has to store a lot of her work in special folders, these are bought from a printing company that specialise in Presentation Folders.

it is very much like webhost searching, you have to sift your way through a lot of rubbish ones before you get to the rare good ones, that are usually rather well hidden. If you do find one that is good then you should really be shouting it from the rooftops.

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