A Misanthrope Living Among Bastards

I have a reputation among people who know me for being a bit of an angry misanthropist, and to be quite honest it is not a reputation that I try and distance myself from all of the time. I do try and play nice with others but it becomes increasingly difficult when you live in a world that is populated mostly by complete and utter bastards.

I have the misfortune of having a flat right next to the bin chamber, which means that once a week the estate caretakers come round and pull all the big metal bins out of the chambers so the dustmen can come and collect them.

They drag the bins out at least a couple of days BEFORE the dustmen come and the ones from my block of flats are always left next to my garden railings, which means people lean over their balconies and throw rubbish into the bins, but it never hits the bins, it always goes into my garden and not one of them comes down and picks it up.
< Yesterday someone threw something down into the garden, I saw it land from my kitchen window and waited for 20 minutes to see if someone would come and pick it up and put it in the bin but they never did. I went out to pick it up myself and what I initially thought was some scrunched up ball of paper turned out to be a nappy full of shit! Who in their right mind throws a shitty nappy over into a garden? We are supposed to live in a civilised society in this country where we have evolved beyond throwing our shit into the street. But then again one look at the way people conduct themselves in Primark or Matalan on a Saturday afternoon will bring us to the realisation that we have not evolved at all. On a lighter note I have had an article published which offers some tips on how to get more gigs if you are a freelancer. Photo by Bob Smith from FreeImages

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