A Free Saturday

This morning I woke up at 7am and immediately realised that it was not going to be a good idea to take part in the Mile End Parkrun. I probably could have completed the course if I pushed myself (obviously at a much slower time), but in my flu-like state there was a BIG chance I’d regret that decision.

So I got three more hours in bed and was woken at 10 by a load of WhatsApp messages from the Custom House players eagerly anticipating the forthcoming away game against St Francis Reserves. At 11 Wayne phoned me and sadly told me the game had been called off as St Francis Reserves apparently could not raise a team. Maybe they were worried about facing another hiding from us? We like to score goals against them.

So now I suddenly had a free day.

While walking to the shop I bumped into Reiss and we took a walk around Broadway Market and tucked into a couple of very tasty katsu chicken wraps. I might hate the people who populate this place, but there is some GORGEOUS food on offer. While picking the filling for my wrap I was heckled by a woman in a tweed suit.

On the way home I bumped into someone who I know to say hello to, he was out on the street talking to someone on the phone when he stopped and told me he was having a house-warming party tonight and that I was welcome to attend. I politely declined his request because I heard what he was saying to the person on the phone.

“Oh ya, oh ya, oh defo (the cunt actually said “defo”)…”

“Who’s doing the what? Oh my DJ mentor is spinning the tunes tonight, he’s a top chap.”

I knew right there that this would not be the kind of party I’d want to be attending. Who has a DJ mentor anyway? Do they just show you how to DJ? Or do they also give you dj equipment reviews advice as well?

Photo by Danilevici Filip-E. from FreeImages

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