A Fantastic Time In New York

I’d like to thank Dean for allowing me to step in and contribute a post to his blog. Hopefully this is simply the first of many future posts that you will read from me on here.

Like Dean, I am a huge professional wrestling fan and one of my favourite memories was a couple of years ago when I had the absolute pleasure of visiting one of professional wrestling’s more famous cities, I am of course talking about New York City – home of the world famous Madison Square Garden.

Even the most casual of wrestling fans will have no doubt heard of Madison Square Garden and how it has housed some of the biggest and best wrestling matches throughout the years.

Even though it was two years ago I still get Goosebumps when I think back to the moment I was sitting amongst the other thousands of fans screaming my lungs out at the wrestlers that I despised and cheering the guys I liked.

Although I went mainly for the wrestling I did manage to get out and about and check out the sites, after all I was staying in New York and only an idiot goes to New York and does not check out the city after all there are hundreds of things to do in New York.

You can also use online travel guides to find even more interesting things to do that other holiday makers might now have found out. One company to check out for tours in the city are Trusted Tours, they do great New York City tours.

In a couple of years time I’d love to go to Atlanta to really soak up the wrestling scene in the south. I hear there is also a wrestling museum down there as well. :)

For anyone who might be interested, Trusted Tours are currently running a competition via their newsletter where the winner will get a handheld GPS. All you have to do is sign up to their newsletter. The offers does end June 30th. (Yesterday!)

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