A Break From The Norm

I met up with Ian (my niece’s husband, does that make me his uncle-in-law?) and we travelled to central London to visit the big Sports Direct and Pro Direct situated there to pick up some bits and bobs – well Ian was, I went along as a sort of scouting mission for a future visit.

It was nice breaking the routine for once, and we had a nice couple of pints of beer in The Shakespeare’s Head afterwards before making our way home.

It did mean that I didn’t get to go on my training run today, which is something I think I’m going to regret because I’m determined to do it tomorrow and two training runs in two consecutive days will most likely hurt.

But the trip sparked renewed interest to kick on with my goalkeeping training again and seeing some of the goalkeeper gear on offer only helped to stoke my fire. I’ll be ready in September to pull on the gloves and step between the sticks on the marshes again!

Photo by Wong Mei Teng from FreeImages

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