A Boring Weekend

One hell of a boring weekend.

Training at Acton Town was OK this week. We did a simple run around the pitch and then got straight into a match. I was back to my normal self, throwing hard sliding tackles around the place.

Four of the players complained about my tackling, they said it was too hard. Jayson told them to shut up crying and take them like a man. This is a contact sport, they will get worse than my tackles in league and cup games.

Reiss came back from Ireland today (Sunday), I was speaking to him for a couple of hours on MSN. He seems to have enjoyed himself over in Cork, supping pints of proper Guinness.

He wants me to meet up with him and a few others next Sunday to have a night out, I have saved a nice little bit of money since he has been in Ireland so I can afford a nice couple of nights out on the piss!

Photo by leila haj-hassan from FreeImages

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